I'm Mac, Swedish, female, nerdfighter, 27 but don't act like it all the time. I drink a lot of tea daily because it A) tastes good and B) solves any and all problems.

This is not a spoiler free blog. Beware.

I love Sanctuary but never see posts to reblog anymore, I also love Sherlock and I love Star Trek (especially TOS)
Among many other shows omg...

And now I apparently live and breathe hockey as well????


So we all have our habits and mine is spinning a stick around with my fingers as I browse teh interwebs.

I place it on my nightstand during the night. First time online today so I reached for it. Alas, it was not there. Seems I forgot it on the bed last night after staying up UNTIL FIVE IN THE MORNING to watch hockey.

It’s stuck between the bed and the wall and I go, “Noo” and reach for it. “Don’t fall, don’t fall,” I say, literally out loud in English. And then I say… here it comes:
"Stick with me."

I laughed so fucking loud